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  • 275 Practice problems with solutions

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  • Video lectures and study material for all topics

  • Focus on numerical problems

Video lectures, study material and practice exercises with solutions, all in one place


This course covers syllabus for all major exams

  • GATE

    Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering tests students on their numerical skills. This course contains numerical problems an the end of chapters and also in video lectures.

  • Geological Survey of India

    The high-quality material provided in this course will help your preparation for both the prelims and the mains stage of the GSI examination. The lecture slides provided for each topic will help you write high-quality answers.

  • UPSC/IFoS Optional

    Aspirants who chose geology as an optional for UPSC CSE have an advantage in the sense that they can also appear for the Indian Forest Services exam. This course comprehensively covers the syllabus of remote sensing for both these examinations.

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Lawrence Kanyan

I am teaching this course as a part of an overall series on geology courses for competitive examinations. I secured AIR-1 in 2017 Geology and Geophysics GATE examination. I am an IIT Roorkee Graduate. I have previously worked for Shell, ONGC and the University of Texas at Austin. I have performed in exceptionally well in other standardised examinations such as GMAT (780/800), GRE (330/340), TOEFL (117/120), IIT-JEE and Medical examinations. I know what it takes to learn subjects in a manner that you do not forget those ever.

Course curriculum

    1. Video Lecture: Scattering

    2. Quiz: Scattering

    3. PDF Text: Interaction with Atmosphere

    4. Video Lecture: Absorption and atmospheric windows

    5. Quiz: Absorption and atmospheric windows

    6. Atmospheric Interactions: Numerical Problems

    1. Video Lecture: Heat Transfer and Temperature

    2. Read: A note on the units

    3. Quiz: Radiation Principles Quiz 1

    4. Video Lecture: Stefan's Boltzman's Law

    5. Video Lecture: Planck's Radiation Law

    6. Video Lecture: Wien's Displacement Law

    7. Video Lecture: Kirchhoff's Radiation law

    8. PDF: Radiation Principles

    9. Quiz: Radiation Principles Quiz 2

    10. Numerical Problems: Radiation Principles

    11. Important Note: Emissivity and Radiation (or Brightness) Temperature

    1. Video Lecture: Satellites and orbits

    2. Video Lecture: Sensors

    3. PDF: Satellites and Sensors

    4. Quiz: Satellites and Sensors

    5. Video Lecture: Satellite Orbits and Gravitational Principles

    6. Numerical Problems: Satellites and Sensors

    1. Video Lecture: Spectral Signature of Vegetation

    2. PDF: Spectral Signature of Vegetation

    3. Quiz: Spectral Signature of Vegetation

    4. Video Lecture: Spectral Signature of Mineral Constituents

    5. PDF: Spectral Signature of Mineralogical Constituents

    6. Quiz: Spectral Signature of Mineral Constituents

    7. Video Lecture: Spectral Signature of Soil

    8. PDF: Spectral Signature of Soil

    9. Video Lecture: Spectral Signature of Water

    10. PDF: Spectral Signature of Water

    11. PDF: Spectral Signature of minerals and Rocks

    12. Video Lecture: Spectral Signature of Rocks

    13. Quiz: Spectral signature of soil, water and rocks

    14. Numerical Problems: Spectral Signatures

About this course

  • ₹1,999.00
  • 93 lessons
  • 21 hours of video content


  • What is the biggest advantage of this course?

    This course will guide you through your preparation. You do not have to worry about the study material, practice material, numerical problems or missing classes. We will take care of those things for you. You just need to log in and complete the course material as it is presented to you.

  • Can I download the class presentations?

    You can view the presentations with the rest of the course material. Presentation pdf copies will be sent to you on your registered email.

  • For how long can I access to the course after enrolling?

    You can view the complete course material until GATE 2021 examination.

  • Will all courses cost the same?

    If you enrol in one of the courses, subsequent courses will be available to you at a discounted price.

  • Which books should I follow?

    There is no need to follow any books. Just complete all the study material presented to you and you will be better prepared to appear in the exam than others.

  • Does this course include GIS also?

    No, this course does not include GIS. We will run GIS at a later duration, but there are several topics from GIS which are covered within this course.

Course bonuses

In addition to full course material, you will receive

  • Quizzes with solutions

    Each chapter has quizzes including theoretical as well as numerical questions. Students will also be provided detailed solutions for the quizzes.

  • Online community access

    Join other aspirants in our closed group to discuss problems from the lectures and solve difficultly assignments

  • Regular online webinars

    Join online webinars to ask questions and clear your doubts.

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Great Content!

by Bhargav

Lawrence sir is the best teacher I have ever had. He explains difficult subjects is a very simple language and with real-world examples. The course content is just excellent and comprehensive, you need not study from any other source if you complete this course.

Excellent Teaching Methodology

by Paladugu Hari

Thanks to Lawrence sir for helping me understand the most difficult topics in Geology.