Procedure to get access to the course

After fee payment, please send a text on Telegram to 8839874544  along with your email id to get access to the course and get added to mentorship group. Please mention your name and name of the  course in your telegram message. The Telegram ID is

You can also write a mail to [email protected]

To pay the fee, please use following link

Otherwise contact the admin on telegram

Course curriculum

    1. Quiz 1 : Reading Comprehension

    2. Quiz 2 : Reading Comprehension

    1. Maths Quiz 1

    1. Quiz 1 : LR

    2. Quiz 2 : LR

About this course

  • ₹3,000.00
  • 5 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


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Hrishav Sir

Rich experience of mentoring students for CSAT

Madhusudan Madhukar

Rich experience in CSAT

GS prelims lead mentor and Co-founder Planet Geology Mayank Malviya

Mayank sir has scored 130+ marks in GS Prelims 5 consecutive times. He has also appeared in IFS interviews thrice and scored 60+% marks in Geology optional thrice. His insights and methodologies has helped his students clear IFS prelims cut off and also secure brilliant scores in Geology and Forestry optionals in CSE and IFS examinations.